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Sailability In The Bush


We are sad to report that in early 2023, Sailability in the Bush closed.

Since 2013, a great team of volunteers provided wonderful sailing experiences on Callide Dam for people with disability from the Biloela region.

Difficulties around fluctuating water levels, dam access, volunteer retirements and concerns for safety, made carrying on just that little bit too difficult.

Three identities posing on the beach at Callide Dam with dinghy and boat in the background
View of Sailability In the Bush at Callide Dam with dam in background
Sailability in the Bush volunteers and sailors group photo.

The committee of Sailability Queensland extends its warmest regards and thanks to the volunteers and supporters who made 'In the Bush' special for their sailors. To the carers and families of those who enjoyed the Sailability experience. And to local businesses who helped make sailing possible. Wonderful stuff.

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