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 Why support Sailability?

Our points of difference

We think you will be proud to support Sailability Queensland or, one of our affiliated charitable Sailability clubs. Here is why:

  1. What we do
    We provide a unique outdoor, on-water sporting experience for people with disability. Sometimes this can be life changing.

  2. Low fees
    We keep fees as low as possible. Low fees enable wider participation.

  3. Bang for your buck
    We do not pay wages, nor commissions, nor directors' fees, nor advertising. 100% of every donation you make supports operational expenses (such as: life jackets; fuel; maintenance; insurances; volunteer education - things like first aid courses; and rent)

  4. Community focused
    We work with local service clubs, businesses, councils and government

  5. Volunteering
    We provide an outlet for skill sharing and camaraderie for volunteers, and

  6. Tax deductible
    Your donation of $2 or more is tax deductible.

How can you provide your support to us?

You can:

  • Make a direct gift to our bank account

    • Bendigo Bank
      BSB 633 - 000
      Account No. 161607023
      , or

  • Volunteer with one of our affiliated clubs, in one of many activities. Attend and contribute as you are able.

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